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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you hiking for polio?

There are two questions to unpack: Why hiking and why polio?

In 2019, my wife and I were at the beginning of a weight loss journey and as part of the program were asked, "What is something you thought you could never accomplish?" Without much explanation, I wrote down 'Hike the entire Appalachian Trail' (I didn't even know the term 'thru-hike'). Only two years prior did I learn about the trail and I've never gone backpacking, but something stirred inside of me that wanted to accomplish something great! I've since consumed hours of research and have begun training for the awesome task of hiking 2,200 miles.

Although, despite my desire for personal enlightenment and fulfillment, I genuinely could not justify the time and resources for an absolutely selfish endeavor. I have been a member of Rotary International since 2011 and polio eradication has been a focus of Rotary since their first immunization project in 1979. After decades of research, funding, and infrastructure, Rotary continues to be in the forefront in the fight against polio, a vaccine preventable disease. I could easily have aligned with other causes that I am passionate about, but it made the most sense to reciprocate the love and support Rotary has shown to me. In doing so, hopefully we can reach our financial goal and move the needle closer to a polio free world.

More information is available under the WHY POLIO tab.

How much are you trying to raise for polio eradication?

$100,000 USD.

Aim for the stars and you might land on the moon, or something like that.

Please use my donate button to ensure that everything is recorded with this website AND to guarantee your tax receipt.

How will you pay for this? What about work?

I am self-employed as an Online English as a Second Language instructor, specifically one-on-one instruction with children who live in China. This is an immersion program (I do not know Mandarin) and I set my own schedule; work when I want to, don't when I need the time off. As long as I have positive performance for the classes I am able to teach and return before the 6 month contract renewal, I will have my position when I get back.

As for funding, I have specifically taken a second job to finance the trip; I am a part-time waiter at the Johnstown, PA Applebee's Bar and Grill! The staff are awesome and I really enjoy working there since it allows me to showcase my talents/personality while sharing my project with my tables.

I have questions that are not answered here.

Please use the CONTACT US form on this website to send in your additional questions. I would love to hear from you and your query may be added and answered on this page!

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