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Guest of the Serenity Wellness and More Podcast

As you may imagine, preparing for an Appalachian Trail thru-hike is a big endeavor that takes lots of training and preparation.

A sub-100 (within 100 day) thru-hike takes even MORE planning!

Through the network of Rotary, I have been reaching out to Rotary Clubs along the AT and asking if they will be able to offer ground support and logistics during my trek; namely transportation to the grocery store and if the opportunity presented itself, a shower, laundry, and a warm place to sleep before getting back to the trail at first light.

Like much of life, there can be disappointments and surprises: in Rotary, there are many surprises.

Rotarians are helpful, kind, and generous. Especially if they can assist with your Rotary project.

When I was cross referencing my maps to find the nearest Rotary Clubs to offer ground support, I reached out to the Rotary Club of Botetourt County and their president Dr. Angie Anderson responded. She was delighted to talk about my project and even more excited to have her club become involved when I come through their region.

Not only are they helping me and taking me in for the night, but Dr. Anderson also is the host of her own PODCAST: The Serenity Wellness and More Podcast. She owns and operates the Serenity Counseling Center & Wellness in Blue Ridge, Virginia, and as part of her business model, they host weekly podcasts which often have guests!!

It wasn't long before I was on the phone hearing the phrase "And we're recording."

Follow the link to hear the podcast:

To learn more about Serenity Counseling & Wellness Center visit

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