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Happy New Year! 🥂🍾

Now that 2020 has come to a close, we can utilize our time to reflect to make 2021 better.

Sure, many things are beyond our control, such as the pandemic, but small steps within our homes came amount to significant changes.

Do you need to eat all of that ice cream?

When was the last time you were outside for more than five minutes?

When have you read a book?

There are many choices we can make today to make tomorrow easier. Think of doing these for your future self. Sure, you can put gas in your car in the morning, but that requires EXTRA discipline to leave the house early to address this task before arriving to your destination.

Start a load of laundry.

Write a letter of appreciation or send a text to someone.

Try to journal everyday.

Establish routines that are not dependent on the outside world.

Or, try a tradition that had been going for several years at my house!

We have a memory jar where we store little slips of paper with quotes or small details of something special or fun that happened. Then on New Year's Day, we sit down and read them together.

It helps put the year into perspective and remind us of happier experiences.

My best suggestion is to make a routine to write one memory or good thing each day and add it to the memory jar. This will ensure your jar is filled and minimize the number of duplicated memories you put in there.

My goal is to put forth the effort to blog more. This will be a dedicated space to put my many ideas and ongoing project progress out into the cosmos.

What are planning for 2021?

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