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It's Happening!!

Things have become very real since I purchased my airline ticket this morning.

It's interesting that this week I was presenting to the North Allegheny Sigh School Interact Club and discussed the importance of adapting and to pivot when needed. My original intention was to drive down to Georgia with my wife and a friend so that they could see me off as I begin this journey but too many obstacles prevented this from becoming an outrageously expensive endeavor. With that in mind, it was much simpler to pivot and buy a one-way plane ticket from Pittsburgh to Atlanta. This is significantly cheaper and streamlined, considering that my wife and friend will still be able to drop me off at the Pittsburgh airport. From Atlanta I will take the MARTA light rail to the northern most station. From the train station, I will hike approximately 16 miles to my friend's home, which has a guest room waiting for me. The next morning we will drive to Amicalola Falls Park to begin Owen's Odyssey.

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