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Team Nuun 2021

As one might expect, over the past several months I have been writing to different companies to see if they would be interested in participating in Owen's Odyssey. There are so many factors to consider: timing; does my project align with the mission and brand of the company; does the company want to be tied to the historic achievement of eradicating Polio; etc.

Every once in a while, the clouds open up and some awesomeness appears in your email.

I am excited to share that, I have been accepted into the Nuun Brand Ambassador Program!

Nuun specializes in hydration products; these range from boosted electrolytes, caffeine, vitamins, immunity, and rest.

I have used their products in the past and am very excited to represent them during my hike.

I personally enjoy the effervescent tablets, such as the Cherry Limeade + Caffeine.

I look forward to trying more of their products to assist in my task of 25 miles each day to complete the Appalachian Trail.

Have you tried Nuun before?

Leave a comment below.

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