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Owen's Odyssey Buff




A Buff, or a neck gaitor, is a signifcant piece of hiking gear that seems silly to the average person, but any athlete or outdoors person would acknowledge that this item is a MUST HAVE.


Use it to keep sweat out of your eyes, manage your hair/beard in the wind/rain, or fulfill CDC guidelines with this face covering when resupplying in town. Really, there is no limits to the Buff.

Is the handle of your cook pot too hot on the fire?

BAM! Oven mitt.

Is the moon too bright to fall asleep?

BAM! Sleep mask.

Are you skinny and naked? 

BAM! It's a dress.


When I began preparing this project and decided early on that I wanted to sell my own custom Buff to raise money for Polio Eradication, I never would have thought that the entire world would quickly become familiar with this item and its versatility. 


All profits will go toward the PolioPlus fund through The Rotary Foundation.

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